Arnold and Susan Nel

Mike DeLeonardo has been our outstanding farrier for the last 5 years. During this time, he has always provided courteous service and consistent quality hoof care for our two Percheron horses and three miniature donkeys. We are truly blessed to have Mike as our farrier — not everyone has the guts, patience and expertise to get under two 2,000+ pound horses for hoof care, followed by three miniature donkey trimmings! We have always been pleased and impressed with how Mike takes great care making sure our horses and donkeys are comfortable during the trim.
Our limping horse got fitted customized shoes to fit his specific needs and immediately after was running and prancing all over the place.  No more limping at all and now has consistent better angles, hooves and soles and the shoes stay on until Mike’s next visit.
We have no hesitation in referring Mike DeLeonardo for all farrier needs. It is evident that he deeply cares about doing the best job each and every time. His dependability, gentle friendly skills and level of expertise make him the best choice for a farrier service.

Catherine McCall

Mike is the consummate professional when it comes to knowing how to solve my horses’ showing issues as well as how to handle them.  I must confess, the primary reason I have lost faith in my farriers is my lack of trust in their handling of them.  Mike is never unkind and the horses respond to his vibe as their feet respond to how he trims and shoes them.  I would be lost without Mikey DeLeonardo!

Genae Kindscher, Trainer

Finding a quality farrier who not only does custom, handmade work but also truly cares for the client and the horse has seemed hard to come by over the years. When our last farrier announced his move across the country, we were not sure where to turn. We were extremely lucky to come across Mike and his quality hand-forged work. As a Horsemanship trainer, I work with all types of horses and riders in both English and Western disciplines. My clients trust me to keep their horses well-being at the forefront, and I trust Mike to help me do just that.  I highly recommend him as a farrier who is very knowledgeable, detail oriented, creates quality work he stands behind, listens well and cares deeply about every horse he works with.

Christine Hernandez

I am thrilled to have found such a highly skilled, professional farrier!  Not only can Mike explain the Whys and Hows of trimming and shoeing; he understands the individual needs of each horse in my herd.  He is compassionate and careful with my old mare, and makes sure each horse is safe and comfortable. Mike is also there when he says he will be, is honest, and works with integrity. He is a great part of my equine care team.  Thanks Mike!

Kathryn Klein

Mike has been very sensitive in helping my horse adjust to hot shoeing. He is also collaborating with my veterinarian to ensure that adjustments are made to assure that we achieve peak performance and that my horse stays sound.

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